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Satellite Internet for Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Beaumont

We connect our customers with the world via satellite internet, and provide installation services for the metropolitan Houston area east to Beaumont, TX, north to Dallas, and are expanding west all the way to San Antonio.

We have multiple install teams covering Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Beaumont and all surrounding areas, so just give us a call to schedule your installation today. We are an Elite Level dealer for Exede, offering high-speed internet through one of the most advanced communications satellites ever, ViaSat-1. Take advantage of the incredible power to enjoy your 'always on' fast connection to your friends and family, and the world.

No matter where you are, you can be connected with email and the web via a small dish receiving high-speed data from the powerful ViaSat-1 satellite.

Tip: Movie lovers check out NightShift. Its a recording service that works with Netflix to help our customers get the most out of their data, by utilizing the free zones that we offer. If you like to watch Netflix, it is a great way to watch all you want and use up none of your data!

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